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Turn an everyday activity into a sacred journey!

Join other students from around Oregon as we discover God by

participating in an ancient journey - simply by stepping outside your front door!


​​Cost: Free!

Where: Mostly Outside!

How: Digital Guides and Zoom links posted on this page.

How it works


Starting March 6, we'll gather at 11am on Zoom to meet other students, orient ourselves to the walk for the day. and pray. 


Then you'll head out on audio-guided walks with God wherever you live. Each audio-guided walk explores a Camino theme using a psalm, poem, scripture reflection, and prayer


Afterwards, we will gather again to share about our experience and discern what God is saying to us in community. 

Together, we'll grow as we encounter God on a sacred journey



Orientation to the Camino


Continue the journey at 11am on Saturday, April 17th!

Audio Guide - Hospitality and Gratitude

Reflection Questions

What is one experience you’ve had where someone has shown you profound hospitality and for which you’re still grateful? How did that feel? Was it a little uncomfortable?

How could you create a space of welcome for others? Is there an act of hospitality for a specific person that you can put into action in the next few days?

In this broken and inhospitable world, what is one way God is inviting you to practice the kind of radical, unconventional hospitality of Mary and Jesus?

​Return at 12pm to share and celebrate after your journey today!

Current Walk

Continue the journey at 11am on Saturday, April 3rd!

Audio Guide - Presence

Reflection Questions

What is God speaking to you through creation?

What is challenging for you to be fully present to God, people, and things around you?

​Return at 12pm to share and celebrate after your journey today!

Week 2

The journey begins at 11am on Saturday, March 6th!

Orientation to the Camino

Audio Guide - Simplicity

Reflection Questions

What are extra things that make you feel more secure in your life journey? What would it be like to release those today?

Think about the people and places in your life you are called to love or serve. How can you share hope and healing in these places this semester?

How can you trust Jesus and step into his mission?

​Return at 12pm to share and celebrate after your journey today!

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